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People/ patients often do not seek out or schedule needed dental treatment due to the price/cost. However, that delay is what is costing them more. A cavity in a tooth is not going to stop or go away. It will only progress and get bigger.

What could be fixed with a filling for about $200.00 can quickly progress to the need for a root canal and crown at 10x the cost. It can cost close to $2,000, just to save the tooth. So seek out treatment or follow through with treatment early, or in a very timely manner. It will save people money in the long run.

All dentists agree, skipping the way we monitor your dental health, can hurt more than your teeth and gums. Ignoring dental concerns can actually lead to overall health problems. Dentists recommend regular checkups flossing and brushing every day, not smoking, and eating nutritious foods.

As I always say, “Be true to your teeth, or they will be false to you.”


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