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On last night’s July 17, 2013 national news (on one of the major news networks) there was a segment about how to save real money at the dentist. Using the hashtag #RealMoney Dr. Shea was very pleased to see that when we went to the website, that the news program was promoting, and searched in his zip code 70808 that Dr. Shea’s range of prices actual begin below the green “average zone” for his area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This fits right into the range of what #RealMoney was reporting (which reported that Baton Rouge’s dental pricing range is $204 -$318 for a typical cleaning, exam, xrays. There are many websites that are similar to the one that the news program was “promoting” via their reporting about how to save real money. Years ago with the beginning of websites (late 1990’s – early 2000’s) the ADA American Dental Association had a similar search and Dr. Shea’s also was reported to be in the low end of the fair price range. This is the news!

That Dr. Daniel Shea is consistent (over decades). He has simply, consistently, given high quality dental care with a fair price. PLUS he regularly offers coupons and deals on top of the regular fair pricing! He could join networks / dental plans etc. But,why deal with them when he can just talk with you! A Family Baton Rouge Dentist with 19 years of experience, LSU and Air Force trained and always offering fair pricing for his work.



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