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  • Dr Shea


In the News recently, was a report about a health care financing company and how it can hurt a person’s credit history. To try and help our patients afford the dental care they need, my office does offer some third party financing company options.

Usually, patients choose the 12 or 18 month 0% financing option. It is important that the full balance be paid off during the 12 or 18 month promotional period.

Any balance not paid off during that time will have interest applied to it calculated from the original date of funding and it is also very important never to miss nor be late on a scheduled payment as a default APR can then replace the promotional APR. Usually the default APR’s, like any credit card, can be steep.

We want our patients to get the care they need and to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

Please “Let Us Keep You Smiling!”



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